Why it pays to eat together with the family :)

(Photo Credit: ecobabysteps.com)
(Photo Credit: ecobabysteps.com)
(Photo Credit: ecobabysteps.com)

Nowadays, in this fast-paced world, families’ eating together during mealtime is slowly becoming a rare scene. With the endless distractions and activities outside the home, or even when the family members are at home, everyone seems to be doing their own thing; that’s why it is even more important to make time for family meal time.  There’s this saying that “the family that eats together, gets closer together.”  Indeed, there is more to these family dinners than just eating together.

The bonding that children get from these dinners, or whatever meal that they share, be it breakfast, lunch, or even a simple snack —talking with their parents and siblings pave way  to their overall well being.

Why? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Gives way to stronger family bond and closer relationships to both parents and siblings. There’s no denyig that at times, families become so busy that they forget to share meals together anymore. That’s why parents should make it a point that as many times as possible, they share meals together. It’s as if, the mealtime that families share helps keep the communication open among family members. Children feel that they are given priority, that they are important. Mealtime provides the children with time to voice out their feelings, to express their experience for the day.
  • Table manners are taught during mealtimes. Saying “please,” and “thank you,” are just some of these that are learned during mealtime. Aside from the bonding time that families share during mealtime, it also provides the parents with time to make their children learn the importance of saying “po” and “opo”, as well as discipline. Children learn how to be on time for family mealtimes, a trait that they will bring up even when they grow up.
  • Good eating habits are learned by the children and are brought up even when they grow up to become adults themselves. Children see and appreciate the importance of every meal that they have, they realize that they are lucky enough to be sharing time with their families. They also learn to eat a balanced diet as to the meals prepared by their parents are more healthier than those they can buy in stores and ready-to-eat restaurants.
  • The meals are healthier compared than when you grab a quick lunch or snack in a fast food restaurant. When you are alone or outside the house, everything seems to be in a rush–be it at work, at school or just about anywhere you’re at–that’s why it is good for your health that whenever you go home, you share a healthy meal with the whole family. Aside from the fact that it increases your appetite, the meals that are home-cooked are healthier compared that those found in fast-food restaurants. You get to choose fresh ingredients and avoid adding preservatives to what you eat.

Well, it can’t be helped that everyone in the family are busy everyday, but it only takes a little time management to find regular mealtimes that you can share. The menus may not be grand but make it simple, because what’s more important is the time that you spend together to talk and catch up on each other’s day. Turn off all the phones.Turn off the television. Cellphones, tablets, television and other gadgets only takes away the attention of family members. Keep mealtime conversations pleasant, and positive. Mealtime is a time for catching up,  Family mealtimes are not the time to nag one another or bring up problem issues in your family.

No matter how hectic one’s schedule might be, family time should always come first. 🙂

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