Top 10 Hazards from Lack of Sleep

lack of sleep

How well do you sleep?  How long?

Times have really changed so much; values, too.  People are giving less and less value to sleep!  A great majority are so engrossed in the wonders of technology and having good times in night gigs; and losing more and more sleep as a consequence.  The 24/7 lifestyle is depriving us so much of the magical powers that the Wizard of Sleep bestows upon its constituents.  But do we care?

The lure of the internet, the social media, countless video games and television channels and videos, all contribute to the serpent thing which makes people lose their self-control and bite the virtual Apple, much like Eve did.

People are feeling so addicted to getting back to their laptops, computers and tablets, mobiles phones and MP3s, whatever! Hence,  sleep is viewed as a disruption to their otherwise hectic internet or high tech life.

It is not surprising to find dead-sleep people on the bus, their pc desks or on top of their beds with their laptops left on. The agonizing ring of the alarm clock is like the raging bell of the firetruck gone crazy with frantic! Except that the subject of its ringing just can’t find the strength to rise, nor to reach out and throw the alarm away.

Sleep, though much needed, has become a less enjoyed and less wanted privilege. The chronically sleep-deprived people of the world are literally putting their health and their well-being in great jeopardy. More so, the quality of life seems to be losing its high, and likewise,  its length!

Don’t let this happen to you!

It is worth noting from recent studies that there are more reasons to worry over sleep deprivation than just ” energy shortage”:

* Higher blood pressure

* Higher risk of heart attack

* Increased levels of stress hormones

* lower resistance to illness

* poor concentration

* low problem-solving skills

* memory lapses

* unpleasant mood and depressions

* age faster physically due to disrupted metabolism

* weight gain

Yes, indeed!  Those are real health hazards which excuses no one when it comes to lack of sleep.  A sleepless person who had no rest and slumber for more than 17 hours is much like a person who got drunk; in such a way that both can have cognitive and physical effects.  Remember waking up with a giant headache and a nauseous feeling after much alcohol ? And looking really worse the morning after?  That’s how one sleep deprived person usually feels, too!

It is well worth to remember that there are higher levels of stress hormones and an increase in inflammation in persons who sleep less than seven hours.  No amount of vitamin or food intake can replace the much-needed value that can only be gained from sufficient rest and sleep.  In fact, the very reason for obesity here is that lack of sleep influences our food choices in such a way that we crave for high-sugar and high-carbohydrate foods!

Believe it or not, but sleep deprivation really brings us to the verge of shorter  life span due to illnesses and accidents caused by sleeplessness; and lower quality with regards to relationships and work. Growth hormones which are responsible for rejuvenating our body are highly affected and makes us lose the luster of our skin, too; thus, we age faster and not beautifully.

Though it may have been from a long time ago, the proverbial “early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”, still ring true.

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