Natural Practices for Senior Citizens to Prevent Joint Pain

Image by Hindi Insist Post

A lot of our senior citizens are facing joint pain problems. Joint pain can occur in any part of the body, right? Most likely on knees and shoulders. Most of us take medicines to kill the pain. But medicines never really help to prevent the problem quickly. So, what do you to prevent joint pain? You need not worry, you don’t need to take medicines to prevent joint pain.

Here are top 5 easy and natural practices for senior citizens to prevent joint pain. These are the natural and homemade remedies everyone should follow to prevent joint pain.

1. Massage

 It is one of the easy and natural homemade remedies for everyone.  Joint pain is bad, but you can slowly try to massage the area where it’s hurting you. Massaging is one of the great ideas to prevent joint pain quickly.

2. Hot and Cold Compress

Hot and cold therapy works like magic on your body to prevent joint pain. Both works in different ways. Hot therapy will reduce the joint pain by increasing the blood flow in your body and cold therapy will reduce the problem of swelling. How to use: you have to take hot and cold water in two different towels and place them where’s the pain. Place them one by one for 5 minutes each. Do it at least 4 times in a day to prevent joint pain quickly.

3. Eat Onions

There are so many people who like to eat onions while having the food. And this is really good habit. Onions contain a property that improves your immune system. Thus onions help you more to prevent joint pain.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is used as a dietary spice and a topical ointment for the treatment of inflammation in India for centuries. Anti inflammatory properties help you more to prevent joint pain quickly. You just need to add turmeric and 1 spoon honey in milk, and drink 2 times in a day. Drink it everyday and say bye bye to joint pain forever.