Study Says that Just Smelling Your Food Could Make You Fat

Image by Red Online UK

Well, if you are trying to lose weight you are discouraged from smelling food because you can gain weight by doing that!

Researchers from University of California – Berkeley say they’ve made “really novel” discovery that smelling food before eating it could cause weight gain.

The just-released study, published in Cell Metabolism last week, indicates that the body’s sense of smell is linked to its decision to store fat, rather than burn it off.

In the research, the scientists Andrew Dillin and Celine Riera fed three groups of mice a high-fat “Burger King diet.” One group was obese but had lost its sense of smell, another was normal in weight and scent perception, and the other was a set of “super smellers.” Surprisingly, the sniff-gifted group literally doubled in size, while the obese mice without a sense of smell gained only 10 percent more weight.

“Weight gain isn’t purely a measure of the calories taken in; it’s also related to how those calories are perceived,” said senior study author Andrew Dillin via Metro, a professor of molecular and cell biology at the university.

“If we can validate this in humans, perhaps we can actually make a drug that doesn’t interfere with smell but still blocks that metabolic circuitry. That would be amazing.”

There may be something to temporarily blocking sense of smell in obese people to blocked their food cravings or overeating, the researchers said.

But that it is easier said than done as the latest weight loss craze will be as simple and cost efficient as plugging your nose.