Watch! Mom Produces Nearly 6 Liters of Breast Milk Per Day; Able to Supply Milk in Hospitals Nationwide

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Hundreds of babies benefit from the milk of a mother from state of Oregon in the United States.

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra’s breast milk is so abundant that she must give it. She provides gallons and gallons of milk for premature babies and hospitals.

I produce about 200 ounces a day, whereas normally a mother should produce between 20 and 30 ounces to support her child,” she explains.

Elisabeth is known as a super producer. She has a Hyper Lactation Syndrome that causes her to produce about 6 liters of breast milk per day.

Breast milk is liquid gold, it should never be thrown away,” exclaims the young woman. So, Elisabeth gives the excess milk to other local mothers and to hospitals nationwide.

They rigorously test the milk, to see if there are no drugs, bacteria or anything in it. If your milk fails the tests, they can not use it,”she summarizes.

She is paid one dollar for every ounce of breast milk, but majority of that money covers the costs for her donations. She must buy the bags to store her milk, maintain the pumps, the sanitary kits and the freezers to store the milk.

She spends hours every day doing just that.

Being able to help so many babies every day is simply a wonderful thing. There are several super producers who are willing to share and help,”says Elisabeth.

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