Banana Boat Sunscreen Blamed for Woman’s Painful Skin Blisters

Image by Erin Belsher via Facebook

A woman from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, says she suffered second-degree chemical burns on her legs after applying Banana Boat sunscreen on July 15.

Speaking on her Facebook page on Tuesday, Erin Belsher said she had spent her Saturday outside and to protect herself from the sun’s rays, she used her friend’s sunscreen.

“I am a very fair skinned female so I always make sure I have plenty of sunscreen on,” she wrote in her message.

When she returned home, however, she noticed a burning sensation in her legs, but she did not bother.

However, the next day, the unpleasant sensation was still present. When the pain intensified, she went to the hospital. After half an hour, while in the hospital, huge blisters appeared on her legs.

The doctor told her that she had suffered a second-degree chemical burn.

On her Facebook page, Erin Belsher said she was not used to going to social networks to share her bad experiences. In an interview with radio station 650 CKOM, she said she wanted to raise awareness and ensure that this does not happen anymore.

Health Canada says it has received 139 consumer complaints about Banana Boat products, the vast majority of those coming since mid-May.

Banana Boat’s own test results have identified no problems with the products, but Health Canada is conducting its own testing to identify all the ingredients in the products.