Drama in a Hospital: A Baby is Born Despite Therapeutic Abortion!

Image by Healthy Child

A baby was born alive after therapeutic abortion was done on his mother a few hours before his birth.

Therapeutic abortion is abortion induced following a diagnosis of medical necessity. Such abortions are carried out in order to avoid the risk of substantial harm to the mother. In many countries therapeutic abortion is legal, including some where induced abortion is illegal.

The decision to terminate the pregnancy was made when doctors at the Boulogne-sur-Mer hospital in France discovered that the fetus was suffering from a serious malformation.

We were told that our child had 80% of the brain that did not work. The doctors said the baby would be paralyzed and could not eat or drink,” Mr and Mrs Delage told the daily La Voix du Nord.

Mr. and Mrs. Delage (Image via La Voix Dunord)

She was eight months pregnant and still under the shock of the announcement of the diagnosis, Mrs. Delage presented herself to the hospital on Monday as planned.

A double dose injection was injected into the umbilical cord.

The doctors then found that the baby’s heart had stopped beating and had informed the family.

In the evening, during childbirth, the baby began crying.

The baby is alive. He cries, he eats, he moves. We do not understand what happened and there is no explanation from the hospital,” said the baby’s father, Jerome Delage.

We checked the operation and there were no medical errors made by the experienced practitioners who performed the surgery. This is rare, but it happens,” said the president of the medical commission of the hospital Duchenne, Dr. Pierre Ducq.

An internal investigation was opened to shed light on this rare phenomenon.