Look! Doctors are Baffled By a Mystery Bug Bite That Left a Man Covered in Bruises

Image by Dee Petrov via GoFundMe

Thomas Jay, a 41-year-old resident of Chandler, quietly pulled out his trash when he was stung by a small insect. Since he was bitten, a man from Arizona sees his arm covered in blue.

As I glanced at it really quick, all of a sudden I just felt this excruciating pinch, this pressure. And I immediately went and swatted the bug off,” he said.

Very quickly, the wound spread, causing terrible itching.

It began to look like a little red circle, but it became more urgent in a few hours,” his wife, Dee Petrov, said.

Petrov shared the incident on the Living Chandler Facebook page and quickly got responses from dozens of people urging Jay to see a doctor immediately.

We had 100 people right away said don’t joke around, this is serious,” Petrov said via CTV News.

It was impossible for the doctors to identify the insect that had stung him, as his arm was covered with bruises.

The situation became an emergency shortly after when Jay was in urgent care at two hospitals in the duration of just 24 hours.

After doing some research on his side, Jay believes that the insect he saw resembled a “spider-camel”, one of the nicknames given to the solifuges. However, these insects do not possess venom.

Thomas Jay spent several days in the hospital time to do several exams, with no result. He would still be on the road to healing, according to his wife.