Yoga Classes with the Help of Goats: ‘You Know, We’re a Little More Rural Here in Texas’

Image capture of video by Chron

If you think yoga is a very serious thing, you may not want to do it with a goat standing on top of you.

But judging by the newfound popularity of Goat Yoga Houston, it seems there are a great many people in the Houston area who don’t mind bringing barnyard animals into their downward dog and tabletop poses.

This is the new sensation in Texas and many amateurs are considering adopting it across the United States.

“You know, we’re a little more rural here in Texas,” says instructor Rachel Henson.

Founded a month ago, the activity that takes place in Houston has attracted many curious participants.

“I talked to my father about it and he told me it was the first time I smiled up to my ears. He told me to keep my job, but that I could do that part-time, “the professor continues.

All course places available to the public are reserved until the end of August.

“She forced me to come here, but I really wanted to try it,” laughs Lindsay McComb, a friend of the teacher.

“My goal in life is to try out the most new things,” says Cherri Payne who participated in the event.

The weight of a goat can be up to 40 pounds, so “instead of using a weight, use a goat, you will see a difference,” concludes the founder of the course.