Woman Loses 20kg in Just 4 Months, Shares Secret to Healthy Weight Loss

The new year is upon us – and everyone is scrambling to begin working on their New Year’s resolutions! For many, number 1 on the list is losing weight! But year after year, the same goal is created at the start of the year yet it never gets done, anyway.

One woman is going to give you inspiration to work on those goals now – because she was able to lose a whopping 20kg in just 4 months! Isn’t that incredible?

Pamela Cruz took the internet by storm when she shared photos taken before and after her incredible weight-loss journey.

She started with a weight of 193lbs (87.5kg), something that didn’t really seem much to her until she saw the photos after losing so much of her extra weight.

Just like many of those who want to lose weight, she began her weight-loss journey by dieting. She only ate steamed vegetables for 2 weeks. While that worked for a number of dieters, leading to them losing a lot of weight, Pamela wasn’t happy with the results because she got constipated.

After talking to a health professional and learning she needed more fiber, she decided to return to eating rice; however, instead of the usual white rice, she chose black rice.

Adding more fiber to her diet, she was able to still enjoy the usual food that she loved or used to eat – that meant still eating meat and even canned goods!

Feeling that she was too fat that she might be embarrassed at the gym, she decided to simply follow YouTube videos to do workouts. She would also use the treadmill for 30 to 60 minutes a day, never failing to do it for one entire month!

But she had to undergo an operation which stopped her from doing any exercises for 2 months.

When she was better, she decided to finally enroll for gym membership so that a coach can help her truly lose weight. This was back in October.

At the gym, it was all hard work and Pamela felt tired, yet she did not give up. She was even more motivated to go on as she progressed. She lost so much weight that she was soon more excited and energized to work out harder.

The young lady also revealed that though she lost a lot of weight, ending the year weighing just 149lbs (67.6kg), she did so through the exercises she did at the gym. She did not take protein shakes, diet shakes, diet pills, or anything.

Her secret to healthy weight loss is working hard at the gym, under the supervision of a qualified (although rather strict, as she puts it) coach.

But with results like that, losing 44lbs (20kg) in 4 months, I surely wouldn’t mind having a strict coach at the gym!

What do you think of her transformation?

Image credits: Pamela Cruz / Facebook