Tips on how to conserve water for a lower bill amid water shortage and summer heat

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Facing a serious water shortage during summer is such a double whammy because while households in Manila try to preserve water when water supply is intermittent, they also try to reduce its consumption for a lower water bill.

There’s a lot to consider, right?

Early in March, issues on water shortage broke out and since then water supply in the metro have been on and off.

Recently, the heat index in Metro Manila reached 40.4 degrees Celsius. Now, people are torn between using more water to relieve them from the heat or preserve as water supply has been inconsistent.

To conserve water on this time of crisis as well as to lower the bill, follow these tips.

1. Repair all leaks. It will cost you more in the long run if you don’t fix all the leaky faucets, pipes, hoses, and toilets earlier.

2. Take shorter showers or turn off shower as you shampoo and scrub. This way, you can take your time in scrubbing without wasting running water.

3. Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, washing your face, or shaving. This will also keep running water from being wasted.

4. Place a brick or water-filled bottle inside the toilet tank. It is a hack that reduces water used in every flush.

5. Use a pail, dipper, and rag when washing your car. Always remember that using a running water to wash your car takes more water.

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6. Reuse water. When doing the laundry, you can store the water used in rinsing the clothes. It can be used to flush the toilet or to clean the bathroom. This way you can conserve clean water.

7. Use fewer utensils and dishes. It cuts down the water needed to wash multiple utensils and dishes.

8. Water the plants either in the morning or in the evening. During these time of the day, water evaporates slower; allowing you to save some compared to when watering the plants by midday. Also use a watering can for houseplants.

9. Most Filipino households do not have dishwasher, so, you might want to go back to the traditional way of washing dishes by using a basin to regulate water usage.

10. Collect and store rainwater for daily chores. In areas where water supply is inconsistent, store as many water as you can, which can be used for taking a bath or even washing clothes.

Meanwhile, there are also few tips to remember during summer that can help in surviving the heat.

1. Keep yourself hydrated.

2. Always bring bottled water, packed foods and umbrella when going out or travelling.

3. People with high blood pressure and other diseases that can be triggered by severe heat should stay at home when temperature is at peak or between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

4. Avoid bringing small children or babies in crowded places to prevent them from contracting diseases that emerge during summer.

5. When travelling, bring your own medicine kit.

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