Eco brand turns donated, unused brown paper bags into plantable paper products

Image by Silent Beads via Facebook

Awesome! Your unused brown paper bags at home can still be transformed into various useful eco-friendly things.

Image by Silent Beads via Facebook

A local eco-brand, Silent Beads, has been accepting paper donations in the Philippines which will be recycled and transformed into new crafts like handmade jewelries, pendants, beads, and paper seeds.

Their mission is to help “Save Mother Earth Twice” by turning paper wastes into usable stuff in an attempt to “delay the accumulation of paper wastes in our landfills.”

Out of these paper bags, which were either used for food take outs; groceries; or shopping, various plantable products will be made.  

The donated paper wastes will turn into tags, invitation cards, stationary, calling cards, packaging, and gift set; all are plantable products that promote tree planting and gardening.

Image by Silent Beads via Facebook

Plantable papers or cards are biodegradable eco-paper products that are made with post-consumer materials embedded with seeds.

These papers can be planted in a pot of soil where the seeds grow while the paper composts away. No trees are harmed to make these products.

According to Silent Beads, before donating the paper materials make sure that they are dry; free from any kinds of spillage from food materials, oil and medical items and other materials that can make the seed paper spoil or unclean; folded not crumpled (for easy moving and storage); and if they are torn into many little pieces, that’s better because they tear them into very small pieces anyway.

Image by Silent Beads via Facebook

Since February this year they have set up different drop-off points for the donations in Occidental Mindoro, BGC in Taguig, Moonwalk in Paranaque, Legaspi Village in Makati City, Candelaria in Quezon, Lancaster New City in General Trias, and Malagasang, Imus, Cavite. There are also drop off points in some SM malls in the country.

For every 20 pieces of medium to large paper bags, donors will get one seed paper embedded with more than 20 spinach seeds as a token.