This Woman Always Gets Tired: The Reason is This Small Gland on her Throat

Despite getting enough rest this woman finds herself always tired and restless throughout the day. She brushed it aside as a simple fatigue, but little did she know that she’s already developing a thyroid problem.

Few people have knowledge about their thyroid gland and how it works.

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ located in front of the throat but even though it is small, it is actually the master metabolism gland of your body.

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Stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of iodine in your diet is proven to be a major factor that can adversely affect this gland.

Your emotions can be completely altered by your thyroid hormones. A dysfunctional thyroid which produces little amount of hormones could affect the serotonin concentration in the brain which in turn can make you feel depressed even for no reason at all.

Excessive sleepiness can also be a red flag for you.

A weak secretion of hormones can make your body move slower which could make you feel sleepy and tired all the time. This is the case similar to the story of the woman mentioned in the story earlier.

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Forgetfulness is also a sign to watch out for. If you feel like your memory is getting a bit rusty, it may mean that your thyroid gland is producing too much hormones.

When this happens, your concentration and focus is affected, thus giving you difficulty in remembering details.

Hypothyroidism can also affect your body’s cholesterol level and can cause high blood pressure or heart failure.

The last and probably the most obvious sign to know you have a thyroid problem is when you feel discomfort in your neck or throat area.

If you feel any of these symptoms, it is advisable to go to a medical specialist to identify the problem and be given the necessary treatment.