Let your new tattoo heal with these aftercare tips

Image via Pixabay

You’ve finally got your dream tattoo. Now what?

A tattoo is a piece of art inked on your skin; however, it is still, after all, a type of wound that needs to be taken cared of.

Like any other wound, it needs aftercare and like every masterpiece, it has to be preserve.

Image via Pixabay

Here are some tips on how to do aftercare for your first or event nth tattoo.

Apply a thin layer of tattoo moisturizer. 

This is usually done right after the tattoo session on the tattoo shop. The artist would usually apply it over the tattooed area for you. Some even wrapped the tattooed area with a plastic wrap that should stay for a few hours; depending on the size of the tattoo.

Then, the first wash comes.

Gently wash the tattooed area with lukewarm water and hypoallergenic soap after two to five hours. After drying, a thin layer of moisturizer should be applied once again.

From there, the tattoo must be kept clean and dry.

Try to cover it with gauze and medical tape to prevent it from rubbing into your clothes.

Let it heal.

Healing time, of course, depends on the size of the tattoo but regardless of that, one should keep following the aftercare steps. It will swell on the early stages of healing so always make sure that the tattooed area is moisturized.

Image via Pixabay

It will be tempting to pick on it or scratch it but be patient and don’t do it.

It’s for your tattoo’s own good. Slap it lightly if you can’t take it anymore. It will only last for about a week or so. If it doesn’t improve after that period, go back to your artist.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Healed tattoos can fade in the sun so make sure to protect it with a high-SPF skin cream before going out or doing an outdoor activity like swimming.

Keep it moisturized.

Moisturizing the tattoo from week three and beyond will keep the tattoo to look bright and clear. It will preserve the piece of art you have on your skin.