Survive summer heat with these practical and simple tips

Image via Pixabay

The unforgiving summer heat calls for desperate measures, especially in the Philippines where not all households have an air-conditioning system.

Thank these simple and practical tips (aside from drinking plenty of water) that would not require you to spend much just to cool off and survive summer.

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Put frozen water bottles or a basin of ice cubes in front of an electric fan. This way the hot blow coming from the electric fan will somehow be neutralized. Instantly, you have an air con-like fan without having to spend much or without  worrying about the spike in your electric bill. Make sure you have ample supply of frozen bottles, though.

Do not stay upstairs, head downstairs instead. The upper stories of a home are warmer than the lower floors as hot air rises, so you might as well stay downstairs at midday.

Visit public buildings with air conditioning to cool down. Best example of this are shopping malls or your town’s public libraries. Leaving your house once in a while will also help you reduce the use of electrical devices.

Let your hair dry naturally. Put aside your hair blower this summer and let your hair air dry. You do not want to add more heat on top of an already hot season, right? With this you can also help conserve energy.

Image via Pexels

Put your facial moisturizer and body lotion in the fridge. This will let you enjoy moisturizing by cooling your products in the fridge before applying them. It will later feel amazing on your skin.

Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine and don’t eat large protein-rich meals. Alcoholic beverages and caffeine promote dehydration while protein-rich meals increase metabolic heat on the body.

Give your pets a cool bath. Like humans, pets also suffer during summer so, you might want to give them a cool shower or wrapped them in a cold, wet blanket.