5 wonderful things about patronizing reusable cloth pads

Image via The Good Trade PH and JC Shoppe via Facebook

Have you ever thought of trying reusable cloth pads for your monthly period, ladies?

Not that it’s somewhat the trend nowadays to sw1tch into a more sustainable, greener l1fe because, obviously, your disposable feminine pads are hurt1ng Mother Earth but because it actually has a lot of benefits for you as it benefits nature.

Here are the reasons why you have to consider d1tching your single-use and disposable pads:

Image by JC Shoppe via Facebook

It reduces cr4mps.

It may sound impossible but it actually reduces cr4mps, ladies, not to mention skin rash3s. Reusable cloth pads are 100 percent organic that wearing it feels you’re not wearing any pads at all — that’s two issues solved in one remedy.

A disposable and single-use pad uses synthetic fibers that are very absorbent but, according to a report, it also absorbs all the moisture that increases the chances of s3vere pa1n.

It is good for your body.

Using a reusable cloth pad decreases your exposure to synthetic ingredients present in disposable pads. Cloth pads are free from irr1tating materials that cause skin rash3s.

It helps you save money.

Obviously, it will allow you to save up as you will no longer have to allocate a budget for it every month. Sure, it has a larger initial cost but after that, you won’t have to spend much more than that. It’s an investment! You only have to take care of the pads properly for it to last for years.

Image by JC Shoppe via Facebook

It is totally good for the planet.

Imagine using disposable pads for a l1fetime, that would be around 12,000 to 16,000 pads for one woman only. And all of that go straight to the landfill.

Using disposable pads may be a small move in saving the earth but it still has an impact.

Imagine, if time will come that all women around the globe start using reusable pads, then it will no longer be a small initiative but a global move that will create significant impact.

It’s empowering!

Patronizing reusable cloth pads is not only empowering for its users but to the local manufacturers, as well. While you try to evolve into a greener l1festyle to help the planet in your own little way, you also promote the goal of the local and small manufacturers, who also aim to contribute an impact in sav1ng Mother Earth.

Most of them started this venture with that purpose.

Using and promoting it actually feels good, from your body to your he4rt, as you have that little power to take care of yourself and the environment.

Go and check some of the eco-brands and give it a try!