Four Things To Do To Start Your Morning Right

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Morning is the most crucial part of our day.

Upon waking up, our body and mind are getting ready to face tasks; hence, it is optimal to start your day right. But do you find yourself having trouble every morning?

Most of the time, we find the answers in the little things we do. If you want to improve your morning routine, then you came to the right place! Dr. Willie Ong has sound advice for you.

What can we do to start our day right?

According to the renowned doctor, we must observe four things right after waking up every morning. It will only take a few minutes, but these steps can make a huge difference.

Don’t stand up quickly

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Most of us are into the habit of standing too quickly after waking up. Apparently, this can cause problems for your health. The best thing to do is to wait for a few minutes before standing up.

Exercise and stretch

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While you’re sleeping, most of the muscles in your body are also at rest. A few minutes after waking up, don’t hesitate to stretch and do a little exercise. According to Dr. Ong, this will help you to feel more alert.

Pee while sitting

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Dr. Ong advises men and women to ur1nate while sitting. Urinating requires reflexes, and when you struggle too much, you can experience a sudden dip in blo0d pressure. Sitting down relaxes you and prevents such thing from occuring.

Drink a glass of water

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A glass of water does wonder for your body after waking up. Aside from helping you replenish the lost fluids in your body, drinking a glass of water also helps to make you feel more awake.

Remember:Tthe key is discipline and consistency.

Over time, you will notice a big difference in your day! By following this morning routine day by day, you will definitely see an improvement in your habits and health.