Pizza is better than cereal for breakfast, nutritionist bares

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Pizza is a better breakfast meal than cereal, a registered dietitian revealed.

Yes, you read it right. Pizza, described by many as a greasy unhealthy food, was reportedly the better breakfast option than the classic bowl of cereal dipped in milk.

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According to Chelsey Amer, pizza can actually be a more balanced breakfast option than most breakfast cereals. However, she was quick to emphasized that she still doesn’t recommend pizza as a daily breakfast meal.

“But I didn’t say that pizza is a healthier option. However, I do believe that pizza can be a balanced breakfast,” Amer wrote on her blog.

Amer explained that while a slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal “contain nearly the same amount of calories”, pizza has a much larger protein punch that “will keep a person full and boost satiety throughout the morning.”

She furthered that one-third of the ingredients of cereal brands are sugar; making it an unbalanced breakfast.

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“Along with a high sugar content, sugary cereals are notoriously low in protein,” Amer said.

Amer stressed that she isn’t saying pizza is healthy or one should go out and eat pizza every day for breakfast.

“Nope, that’s not exactly what I’m saying! But at least there’s more protein and fat to balance out the refined carbohydrate crust,” she said.

“Your blood sugar won’t spike and then crash in the same fashion as it would with a sugary bowl of cereal, which will leave you filling full and satisfied for a longer period of time,” she added.