What to stuff in a survival kit

Image by Charlie Ripalda via Facebook

One of the wisest ways to survive a natural d1saster is to be ready.

No matter how unpredictable the world is now, as inhabitants, we should always be prepared when the worst case scenario happens.

We have been told in many forum and information dissemination programs what to do and where to evacuate when an unfortunate incident strikes. We have been encouraged, many times, to prepare for it.

But have we really been listening? Maybe this time you already should.

Go grab a bag and start packing your survival kit.

Image by Philippine Red Cross via Facebook

First, stuff it with food.

Prepare gallons of water if you’re packing for a whole household. Include easy-to-open canned goods and packed food, high-energy package food like peanut butter, crackers, or caramel-flavored candies.

Don’t forget a pack of coffee and milk and pet food, if you have pets at home.

Consider preparing a white cloth of a coffee filter, which can be used when filtering water, or a bleach or iodine, which can be used as disinfectant for drinking water.

Second, pack the bag with health and sanitation essentials.

Just like when you’re travelling, prepare your toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, soap, wet wipes, and insect repellent. Then prepare a medicine kit composed of first-aid materials like alcohol, band aid, antiseptic, gauze, cotton, bandage, among others.

Also stuff inside the kit your vitamins, medicine, and antibiotics. You can also add here some extra clothes and light weight blankets.

Image by NDRRMC via Facebook

Third, make a copy of your important documents.

Include on your survival kit your important documents sealed in a plastic envelope. You can also make a copy of the documents and store it in a storage device. Write all the emergency numbers on a note and put it inside the bag.

Lastly,  if you want to be extra ready, you may add some useful things inside your survival bag like duct tape, safety pins, whistle, baking soda (because it has a lot of usage), petroleum jelly, ziplock (to secure gadgets or documents).

Having large garbage bags (for water proofing your stuff), basic tools, flashlight and extra batteries, multi-purpose food cutlery set, jacket, raincoats, disposable plates, ropes, gloves, and tarps could prove handy too.

Nothing beats preparedness!