Experts answer common questions and concerns about dark underarms

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Are you worried about having dark underarms?

Most women choose not to wear sleeveless while others couldn’t raise their hands up in the air because of their underarms’ darker shade.

There are times that dark underarms still exist even if you followed home remedies or used professional products.

Maybe it’s about time to turn on to the experts.

Dermatologist Leslie Colleen Acosta Tiongson of Metro North Medical Center and  Dr Stephanie Sy-Chua of Philippine Dermatological Society answered the most common questions and concerns about dark underarms.

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  • What are the causes of dark underams

According to Tiongson, the causes of dark underarms can be excessive scrubbing or friction. It can also be from the chemicals found in products we use for our armpits. Sometimes repeated shaving or any form of manipulation or trauma can also lead to this.

She also added that dark underarms can be caused by a condition which may be associated with diabetes or obesity.

  • What are the effects of deodorants and anti-perspirants to dark your underarmpit

Tiongson said there are no strict rules when it comes to choosing a deo. She recommended to try a deodorant for at least a month, and stick to that brand if no darkening occurs.

  • Can rubbing calamansi lighten your underarms?

“Calamansi may cause irritant contact dermatitis that could lead to dark underarms,” Dr. Sy-Chua revealed.

She said acids found in calamansi and apple cider vinegar does not lighten underarms, instead does the opposite.

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  • What happens when you exfoliate your underams?

Dr. Sy-Chua admitted that she is not a believer of underarm exfoliation. She also emphasized that repeated friction and skin trauma could cause darkening and discoloration on your underarms.

  • Does waxing help lighten underarms?

Waxing causes less friction than shaving so it can be an alternative according to Tiongson. Another option though is a laser hair removal treatment to get rid of underarm hair without causing too much friction on the skin.

“Ingrown will always be a consequence of waxing, that’s why dermatologists recommend laser hair removal,” Dr. Chua added.

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  • What are the options to lighten underarms?

Both skin doctors recommend people to consult with their derma.

According to Tiongson, doctors can prescribe lightening agents with mild chemicals that can be applied to underarms. She also encourage everyone to avoid frequent scrubbing, shaving, or any sort of manipulation when it comes to your underarms.

Meanwhile, Sy-Chua confirmed that product ingredients like arbutin, licorice, or niacinamide are effective in whitening underarms.

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