Affection won’t spoil your children; rather, it will make them smarter

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If you think hugging or cuddling your children even after disciplining them would spoil them, then you might be wrong.

In fact, it would make them smarter, healthy, and resilient as affection between parents and child, according to studies, can translate into a better communication and higher self-esteem for the kid.

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Making cuddling a habit or part of the family’s daily routine like simply hugging them before they head to school or go to bed at night is believed to be a great help in establishing a good connection between parents and kids.

It is also advisable to use hug to handle your kids’ tantrums in order to comfort them. A warm embrace and some affectionate words could pacify and calm a child so you can talk to him in a better approach.

Being affectionate to your child, either through gestures or words, won’t spoil them but it will make them feel better amid a bad situation or a mistake.

During these encounters, tell your child that you understand how he feels and that you’d probably feel the same if placed in a similar situation.

Image via Pixabay

According to a report, hugs create smarter kids as physical touch, especially from their parents, is among the “most important stimulation required to grow a healthy brain and a strong body.”

Hugs help lower the level of stress hormone and prevent its harmful effects, the same report said. “Hugging helps children learn to regulate their own emotions and become resilient.”

So, now, you might want to give your kids a power hug!