Simple ways to maintain beauty routine while reducing plastic waste

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  • Beauty should be maintained while not contributing to plastic waste
  • Learn simple tips on reducing plastic waste while continuing with your beauty routine

Shifting into a zero-waste lifestyle is quite a challenge, especially for ladies who are really dedicated with their beauty routine.

More often than not empty huge plastic containers or tubes of a beauty or skin care product are thrown away without being recycled.

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But no need to worry, girls, because like any other process in life, switching into a more sustainable lifestyle should be taken one step at a time.

With this, you may refer to Female Network’s simple tips on reducing plastic waste while continuing with your beauty routine.

Use less disposable items

There are a lot of less disposable items in the market now, and although it can only be found in local and independent shops, the availability of these items in the market are growing.

You can actually find reusable cotton pads, biodegradable toothbrushes, metal razors, shampoo bars, and even toothpaste on a non-tube packaging on emerging eco-friendly shops now in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

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Shop offline

While online shopping is so much easier and convenient, you might want to go back to shopping offline and visit the physical store to avoid unnecessary plastic wrap or packaging that comes with the product you bought online.  

Opt for products in biodegradable, recyclable, or non-plastic packaging

If you can’t go shopping offline, you might want to consider purchasing brands that are packed sustainably or not even packed at all. Explore products that are packed in glass, metal, or even wood.

Use more refillable products

Refilling stations for beauty products such as shampoo, conditioner, powders, and other home care products are also starting to be part of some stores’ commitment nowadays. So, you might want to patronize the practice of refilling your beauty and home care products.