What to do when saying ‘I love you’ has lost its magic

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Researchers from Penn State University found that feeling loved isn’t just about saying or hearing “I love you.”

When saying “I love you” is no longer enough, we tend to forget that showing our love to someone does not limit us to only saying those three words — which in time would be treated as a normal phrase with a lack of meaning in it, only because it has been used so often.

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So, how do we make our loved ones feel loved when “I love you” has lost its magic?

Researcher Zita Oravecz said that “it is possible for people to feel loved in simple, everyday scenarios.”

And “it doesn’t have to be over-the-top gestures.”

According to CNN, there are easy ways to convey your love.

Give a simple, personalized gift

While giving gifts can be as generic as saying “I love you,” small efforts are always effective, especially personalized stuff or just by simply making a good coffee for your loved ones when they most need it.

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Make food

Offering or making someone’s favorite dish is seen as a form of affection.

According to dating expert and author James Michael Sama, making food as way to express love “brings people together in gatherings and celebrations, and can be used as a bonding experience with cooking and sharing.”


Cuddling has been proven as a gesture that makes people feel loved. A study showed that “a child snuggling up to you” speaks love.

Aside from boosting loving feelings, cuddling makes people feel better and boosts immunity, according to one study.

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Call or write a note out of the blue

Writing a note or a brief call may look like an insignificant gesture but it makes the receiver feel loved and important.

According to a study, more than 90 percent of about 500 people, who participated in a survey, agreed that “someone calling to check in out of the blue” made them feel loved.

Take a task off their ‘to do’ list

Taking a simple task for someone just to help him or her feel relieved a little bit demonstrates care.

“Try to pinpoint the small things someone does for you that warms your heart. Once you find those little things, try to savor them and preserve that feeling. As you’re aware, you’re more prone to perceive them as love,”said Saeideh Heshmati, a co-author of the Penn State study.