Dog owners get more exercise, new study bares

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Dog owners, according to a new study, get more exercise than people without a pet dog.

A study that looked into hundreds of British households, a report said, “suggests that having a dog can strongly influence how much people exercise.”

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It was revealed that dog owners spend close to 300 minutes weekly walking with their dogs. This is about 200 more minutes of walking than people without dogs.

Exercise scientists from the University of Liverpool and other institutions started their research by focusing on a neighborhood where they asked families about their lives and pets. 

The new study published in April in Scientific Reports was tagged as the most comprehensive study yet that discusses the relationship of having a pet dog and exercise.

The scientists asked almost 700 participants – from 385 neighboring households, including the children, to complete a survey on how much and in what ways they moved each week.

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It was then revealed that it was “immediately apparent that people who owned dogs walked far more often than those without dogs,” according to Carri Westgarth, a lecturer in human-animal interaction who led the new study.

Children whose families owned dogs also walked for about 100 minutes each week and played with their pets for another 200 minutes. These figures make them more active than children in homes without dogs.

“Taken as a whole, the results suggest that people with dogs are more physically active than those without,” Dr. Westgarth says.

The researchers, however, said that the study also raises questions about why some dog owners never walk their pets.

They also aim to answer the question whether any of us should acquire a dog just to encourage us to move in further studies.