Fresh flowers at home can offer health benefits, new study says

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Time to put flowers on the vases at home.

That is because scientists recently found out that fresh flowers may be good for the health.

A study conducted by the American Society for Horticulture Science confirmed that “introducing plants and flowers into a hospital room during the recovery period had a positive influence linking directly to health outcomes of surgical patients.”

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This suggests that having flowers and plants at home can also bring the same benefit as it has seen in numerous studies.

Under the study, 90 patients recovering from an appendectomy were randomly assigned to hospital rooms with or without plants.

Patients exposed to plants, the researchers said, had “significantly less need” for pain relievers. Patients tend to be more satisfied about their hospital room and feel positive amid recovery period.

According to a report, patients surrounded with flowers and plants experienced lower blood pressure, steadier heart rates, lower pain levels, anxiety, and fatigue.  

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“Colorful fresh cut flowers and blooming or green plants could be a complementary medicine for patients,” the scientists discovered.

Aside from providing patients a great opportunity for patients to experience nature while indoors, maintaining flowers in a room “can provide meaningful therapeutic contact especially for patients spending much of their time indoors while recovering from painful surgery.”

The researchers said their findings may not be applied to environments of severely immunocompromised and intensive care unit patients.

“However, this study provides strong evidence that contact with plants is directly beneficial to patients’ health,” the study stated.