Quench your thirst: Some types of water you can drink

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While our main concern is drinking enough water every day, we also have to consider its safety.

According to a report, not all water are created equal. Their price and the nutrients they offer vary.

So, here are some types of water that we can drink:

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Tap water

It is a piped water supply that can be found everywhere from public places to our kitchen sink. The common misconception on tap water is it is not safe to drink but it actually is and even cheaper than bottled waters offered in stores.

But in case of contamination, you can use filtration system for cleansing.

Mineral water

It is a type of water that is pulled from a mineral spring. It is full of minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, and calcium. The only concern about this type of water is its price.

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Spring water

It is a type of bottled water that “are claimed to be bottled at the source from where water flows — either from spring or glacier.” Spring waters are believed to be “relatively clean and free of toxins.”

Sparkling water

Sparkling or carbonated water is infused with carbon dioxide gas while under pressure. While it offers a different drinking experience, a report said, “there aren’t enough to be truly beneficial to your health in a meaningful way.”

Distilled water

Distilled water is boiled and the steam is collected and condensed back into a liquid.

According to Healthline, this type of water is a great option if you live, or is visiting a place, where there is no clean tap water. However, distilled water has no vitamins and minerals to offer.

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Purified water

It is usually a tap or groundwater, which has been treated to remove harmful substances. But because it underwent treatment, the potentially beneficial substances it contains may have also been removed.

Flavored or infused 

It is a kind of water that contains sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is easier to drink in larger amounts as it is added with flavor. Moderation is, however, recommended when drinking this type of water because its additional flavor can cause negative effect on those with diabetes.

Well water

It comes straight from the ground and untreated but is fresh. Because it is not treated, there is a greater possibility of contamination. However, steps to ensure its safety can always be applied.

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