Fact Check: Does breast size really affect the amount of breast milk supply?

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Breastfeeding is important both for mothers and their babies.

Through this, moms can pass on vitamins and nutrients necessary for their child’s development. They can also create a special bond with their babies with the help of breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding is very important because of the antibodies that the Mommy will pass on through the milk,” said pediatrician and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant Dr. Jaimie Isip-Cumpas in her interview with GMA’s program Pinoy MD.

“Antibodies, ibig sabihin panlaban niya against infection,” she added.

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The program covered breastfeeding myths experienced especially by first-time mothers. Dr. Isip-Cumpas answered some questions and clarified some thoughts about this practice.

According to her, it isn’t true that mothers with small breasts have smaller amount of breast milk compared to other women.

“Sometimes it’s just the capacity to produce. At the end of the day, each mom can produce what’s enough for her baby,” said the expert.

She clarified that the ability of the body to produce milk highly depends on the baby’s demand. It is important that they latch on the breast as often as possible such as around 8-12 times in 24 hours in order to produce more milk.

Another reason why mothers experience lesser supply of breast milk is because of their period. The doctor explained that once the mother gets her period on track again, their amount of milk supply would increase or come back to normal.

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Also according to a report from Baby Center, the size of the breast doesn’t matter when talking about the quantity of milk supply.

It said the amount of breastmilk is determined on how much the baby nurses. The more the baby feeds, the more milk the breasts produce.