Here’s how avocadoes can help you lose weight

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For most Filipinos, not having a rice in a day feels incomplete.

And although numerous research and nutritionists have already laid claims that rice can lead to obesity and other related health issues, we can’t just get enough courage to cut down on our rice intake.

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However, a recent study is giving us an option aside from our beloved white rice. Avocado, it says, can be added into our meals as a substitute for refined carbohydrates like our white rice.

Avocado’s wonders do not even stop there because it can also be of help in losing weight.

The study published on May 8, 2019 concluded that “overweight and obese people who added avocado to their meals as a substitute for refined carbohydrates were able to stave off hunger longer and increases meal enjoyment.”

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According to a report, the research was conducted on three different days where more than 30 overweight adults ate one of three meals with identical calories — a high-fat meal with one avocado; a high-fat meal with half an avocado, or a low-fat meal.

The participants were asked how hungry they were after six hours.

“Everyone reported feeling fuller longer after the meal featuring a whole avocado,” the report said.

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After eating the meal with half avocado, the volunteers felt full longer than after eating the low-fat meal.

This result showed that eating a meal with an avocado can be linked to weight loss.

Another report also said that avocados, according to research, are good appetite regulators because each fruit contains good fat that “slows down digestion to stabilize blo0d sugar levels.”