Lessen your bag’s load with these simple remedies

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Study has proven that carrying a big and heavy bag everyday may cause negative effects on your body, including headache.

As much as we want to be well-equipped for our daily activities by putting all essentials inside our bags, we have to start packing light for the benefit of our health.

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For ladies, it’s no easy work, so here are some simple ways from Female Network to downsize your bulky bags.

Switch to a smaller bag

Basically, switching into a smaller bag will force you to only put lesser items in it and while you’re in the process of transferring your things, you’ll realize how much unnecessary or ‘less important’ stuff you have been keeping.

Lessen your kikay kit

Admit it or not, for most girls, one of the main culprits of your heavy bag is the kikay or makeup kit. It is advised that an on-the-go kikay kit must only contain your face powder, lipstick, concealer, and blush.

Leave some of your essentials in your office drawer

Other items in your bag like some of the makeup stuff that didn’t make it to your on-the-go kit can be left in the office in an effort to lessen the weight of your bag. You can also leave your extra pair of flats, perfume, dry shampoo, or wet wipes in your drawer. Sounds reasonable?

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Clean your wallet 

Stop hoarding receipts that are not important. It’s time to throw them away and perhaps you’ll need to pay using your coins so as to lessen your wallet’s weight.

Opt for bags with wider straps 

According to research, wider straps “properly distribute the weight of your purse to your shoulder; making the bag feel comfy to carry around overall.” You may not have noticed it but narrow straps usually leave ‘dips’ on your shoulder’s skin.

Switch things up

It is also advisable to carry your bag using your non-dominant shoulder from time to time to prevent body aches. Hence, transferring your bag from right to left shoulder (and vice versa) would give your body a sense of balance.

Carry two bags

If you really have to bring a lot of stuff, try splitting the load into two bags. It is also another way to evenly distribute the weight to your body.

Everything sounds easy, right? Well, it is.