Postpartum depression most likely to develop on first-time moms who went on emergency CS

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First-time mothers who have undergone emergency c-section are more likely to develop mental health problems, according to a new study.

Ceasarean section is a surgical procedure usually carried out when the doctor believes it would be the best for the mother and for her child. Most of the time, it is suggested due to labor complications.

In a new major study conducted by the University of York, there are evidence that say emergency C-section can put first time mothers at higher risk of developing depression following childbirth.

“Unplanned caesareans may have a particularly negative psychological impact on mothers because they are unexpected,” said the author of the study, Dr. Valentina Tonei in a press release.

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She added that these unplanned situations give mental and physical stress to first-time mothers. It mostly happens because they don’t match the expectations such as financial cost or hidden health costs borne by mothers and their family members.

The study also noted an increase in the number of C-sections performed worldwide especially in many developed countries over the past few decades.

In England alone, there are about 25,000 unplanned caesarean deliveries out of 165,000 births recorded.

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Because of this, Dr. Tonei demanded more mental health support for these women who had undergone emergency C-section.

“This has important implications for public health policy, with new mothers who give birth this way in need of increased support,” she said.

She emphasized the negative effects of postnatal depression as it affects not only the mothers but also the child’s development.

Dr. Tonei hopes that the study would bring awareness and gather support for first time mothers’ mental health.