Causes and Tips to Avoid Bad Breath

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Have you ever felt so conscious about how your mouth smells?

How about that feeling when you need to say something in front of your crush yet you choose to stay quiet since you are not sure whether your breath smells good or bad?

It’s a difficult situation, right?

According to an expert, bad breath does not only occur because of lack of oral hygiene. There are other causes that we need to prevent in order to avoid getting bad breath.

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In a video from DZMM’s program Good Vibes last June 7, Dr. Carlo Lazaro said improper diet causes unpleasant smell. Eating too much spicy and oily food belongs to that.

He mentioned highly volatile food that contributes a lot to this problem.

“‘Pag nakakain ka ng pagkain na highly volatile, tulad ng bawang o pickles, expect mo na magkakaroon ka ng bad breath,” said  the gastroenterologist.

The doctor also revealed that unpleasant mouth odor can come from the nose, especially when a person has colds.

Moreover, bad breath happens due to stomach problems like heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), according to the expert.

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He then revealed that there are some cases of long term bad breath that can occur when there is a serious problem in the liver.

After mentioning the causes of bad breath, Dr. Lazaro encourages others to eat properly and exercise to remove the oil that causes the bad smell.

He reminds everyone about the benefits of proper brushing of the teeth in order to remove food particles left in the teeth and gums after eating.

He also reiterated the importance of visiting a dentist or an expert for ear, nose, and throat (ENT) first prior to a gastroenterologist to know whether bad breath comes from the outside or inside of the body.

Save your breath from stinking.

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