Shower mistakes we unconsciously commit

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In a fast-paced daily life, we tend to ignore the small things in our routines, thinking that they have no impact on our overall wellness.

One good example is the way we shower.

It may be a vital part of our routine but it is commonly done with little concern — if we are doing it right or wrong. After all, taking a bath shouldn’t be a complicated activity on top of all our daily tasks.

However, no matter how big or small a hygiene practice is, it should still be treated with equal concern as the others.

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Here are some mistakes we commit, either unconsciously or not:

Skipping shower after workout 

Taking a shower after a workout is often done to eliminate the smell of sweating but the more important reason to consider for taking a shower after exercising is to avoid rashes or the production of bacteria that causes it.

Taking long, hot showers

A steamy shower is definitely a good idea to relieve your stress, but according to experts, long, hot showers can damage your skin as it will take away the natural oils that may lead to common skin problems.

Rough-towel drying after shower

Yes, the way you dry your skin after shower is also something to consider. According to a report, “to prevent dry skin from getting worse, pat down your skin with a towel.”

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Using shower gels with excessive lather

According to a report, the more bubbles or lather a body wash has, “the more it strips your skin of its natural oils,” that would lead to dry, rough skin.

Not rinsing soap completely off your body

Dermatologists warn that “not properly rinsing soap off can cause skin irritation and dryness.”

“Harsh cleansers, if left on the skin, can be irritating because of the chemicals and fragrance contained in soaps,” Heather Woolery-Lloyd, a dermatologist, said.

These reminders are rather easy, right? Best to take these to heart for your own wellness.