Simple ways to combat exhaustion at work

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They say when something is too much to handle, learn to pause.

Experts also suggest the same when you are on the verge of losing it on work. Sometimes, the only remedy to exhaustion due to overworking is rest.

Now that we are informed that overworking can lead to serious risks, we might want to consider taking actions before over exhaustion takes over.  

Here are some of the things we can do, according to Female Network:

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Take a vacation

Come on! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Various studies have been telling us that “the more time you spend at work, the less productive you become and you make poorer decisions.”

So, give yourself a break. File a vacation leave, go on a trip, or spend time with your family and friends. Give yourself a life outside work to keep you sane. It’s something that you might have done a long time ago, so it’s a much-needed relaxation time.

Establish a healthy diet

Female Network underscored that people who experience too much exhaustion at work also eat poorly and tend to eat more sugar. In order to combat this, it is recommended that you eat healthy and establish a balanced diet. If others can do that, you can, too!

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Take one task at a time

You only have one body, one mind and you can only do limited tasks at a time. Multi-tasking is a great skill but sometimes when it’s overly done, it can lead to exhaustion. So, stop spreading yourself too thin and focus on one task at a time. A little review of what you need to accomplish as per priority might help.

Resist working unnecessary overtime

Maybe you should now start recognizing the fact that what makes you most exhausted is the fact that you are taking too much overtime in the office, including unnecessary ones.

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Instead of taking those unnecessary late night works, use that chance to spend with your family or take a well-deserved rest at home.

Perhaps you are too caught up with finishing everything in a shorter time that you’ve establish a routine that’s like burning your candles at both ends. Stop!

Take advantage of office breaks

A research has proven that taking small breaks from work helps you become more efficient as it restores motivation, increases productivity, and boosts creativity.

Take a few minutes to just breathe and relax. That’s it.