Open up to a friend, it’ll be good for you, research says

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Opening up about your problems can be challenging sometimes, especially when you are the kind of person who prefers to keep it all to yourself.

No matter how life in high school and college taught you that sharing your thoughts and problems to your friends is therapeutic; when you reach adulthood, you start restraining yourself.

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Perhaps, it is because you have come to realize that the world does not revolve around your life and that other people, including your friends, have their own problems to deal with.

So most of the time, you end up bottling up your struggles.

Numerous studies have, time and again, proven that talking about your problems and negative feelings can be profoundly healing, a report said.

It can also reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and reduce physical and emotional distress.

Sharing your problems with someone does not mean you’re transferring the burden to a friend but instead, you’re just sharing it. After all, we all need someone who can listen to us.

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Writing, study says, can also be a great way to release emotional pain and prevent it from causing further heavy feeling within that might affect your daily life.  

Psychologist James Pennebaker noted that writing about your emotional experiences can also improve your mental health. Maybe, it’s the reason, why writing journals and diaries when we were younger felt good.

“The theory that keeping painful secrets is stressful, increasing the risk of illness, and that self-disclosure, whether spoken or written, relieves the long-term stress of inhibition, leading to better health,” the study of Pennebaker and his team stated.

So, go on, open up to a friend. That BFF (best friend forever) will surely listen.