Going on a two-hour ‘date’ with nature every week is good for you

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Taking a break from work or duties once in a while has always been treated as a way to be refreshed so that when we go back to our workloads, we have enough energy and inspiration to continue.

For those who work or are based in the city, the common escape of many is to go on a trip somewhere; outside of where we work or live.

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The beach or mountains, nature in general, are always among our options as we have always associated nature with peacefulness which could greatly contribute to our mind, body, and soul’s wellness.

We don’t even need a research to prove this.

However, a recent study showed that perhaps we have to be out and be one with nature more often than before.

According to the study, spending at least two hours a week in nature can result to good health and well-being.

Close to 20,000 individuals practiced spending time with natural environments — either going out for a walk, strolling at the park, or just by simply exposing selves to nature — within a week.

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It was discovered that good health or well-being became significantly improved after a 120-minute exposure to nature compared to a week with no nature exposure.

It was disclosed that “the pattern was consistent across key groups including older adults and those with long-term health issues.”

This only means that we need at least two hours with nature every week if we want to stay healthy, not just to get a break from all that we do.

How about we sacrifice a couple of hours off social media to commune with nature?

Perhaps, we could also grab a book we have yet to open, go to the park, and sit underneath a shady tree and glance at the blue sky once in a while while doing some breathing exercise.

How relaxing could that be?

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