Spice up your workday, pick these healthy snacks

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Most of the time, if not always, munching something can make long working hours a lot easier.

It may seem unimportant but if health is at the top of your list while performing your job well, you might want to consider choosing the right snacks for your workday.

Here are some suggestions shared by Healthline which might appeal to you:

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Nuts and dried fruit

This combo is known to have a good balance of healthy fats, protein from nuts, and carbohydrates from dried fruit. Both foods also contain fiber that can keep you full between meals, according to nutritionists.  


Yes, popcorn is not just for movies. It can also be a good workday snack as it is high in fiber and low in calories. It also contains antioxidants that may help protect against chronic conditions.

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Dark-chocolate-covered nuts

Of course, you can have chocolates and still eat healthy. But remember that dark chocolates are way healthier than your regular sweet chocolates. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants while nuts contribute protein and healthy fats.

However, dietitians are reminding us to always look for brands that do not contain added sugar and has at least 50 percent cocoa content.

Hard-boiled eggs

Ever wonder why hard-boiled eggs are readily available in most of the food stalls near work places in the Philippines? It’s because it is also a healthy snack tagged as the most convenient and nutritious snack.

According to Healthline, “eggs contain a small amount of almost every nutrient that you need” like protein, iron, calcium, choline, and vitamins A, B6, B12, and D.

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Homemade protein bars

Protein bars in stores are usually loaded with added sugar, so, it’s a good idea to make your own protein bar at home by adding seeds, nuts, nut butters, coconut, dried fruit, and maple syrup or honey.

String cheese

It may be weird bringing cheese in the office but there’s nothing wrong with being weird if your main concern is your health, right? Cheese is also rich in protein; making it a nutritious snack.

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Plain oatmeal

It is also a good idea storing your food drawers at work with plain oatmeal as it is high in energizing carbs and soluble fiber, which has been found to help lower cholesterol lever and improve heart health.  

Apples and peanut butter

It may be a weird combo but nutritionists find it a good one. Peanut butter contributes protein and healthy fats while apples are high in fiber and water.

From now on, choose the right food. Snack at work may seem insignificant but it is still a game changer for our health just like how our meals are.