Why do people gossip?

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  • A study bares a typical person spends about 52 minutes a day gossiping
  • It also revealed that people usually engage in “harmless gossips”
  • Gossiping transformed into just a simple sharing of information

How often do you gossip? Or do you even gossip?

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Let’s define it first. Based on how our society defined it for us, it is the act of talking ill about another person, who isn’t present in the conversation, or it’s about discussing a person’s whereabouts in life with malice.

We did not have to look it out in the dictionary because that’s how our society defined it for us, or perhaps even what the elders feed us.

However, through the years, gossiping had been downgraded into something not malicious.

It has been a part of everyone’s daily life that engaging in a simple conversation, discussing about someone else, even without malice, is already considered as gossiping.

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A new study is even backing this up now.

In the Philippines, we even call it “chika” which is a milder take on gossip.

Well, a new study revealed that a typical person spends around 52 minutes every day gossiping. But it also revealed that it is not done like the usual scenario, wherein a group walks around while whispering things about a certain subject.

Instead, gossiping is now also done just by sharing information about other people as if they are only telling a story.

The researchers said it is not necessarily about spreading malicious rumors about somebody.

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It is, however, as simple as sharing your mother’s experience in her recent vacation or your cousin’s party, or a family member’s achievement.

It was also revealed that in most of the 52 minutes of gossiping, harmless information are being shared.

So, to answer the question of why do we gossip, based on this study, it is because we only want to talk about other people and it doesn’t have to be trashing someone.

We can only imagine how better life would be if this kind of gossiping would totally replace the old and harmful version.