Women better in remembering faces, words than men, study shows

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It has been discovered that women are better than men when it comes to remembering words and faces.

A recent large-scale study found out that women are better at remembering certain types of episodic memories than men.

Episodic memories, according to Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, are “consciously recollected memories related to personally experienced events.”

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Experts say not everyone can recall all types of episodic memories equally well; adding that a “person’s biological sex may also play a role.”

Researchers looked into 617 studies conducted between 1973 and 2013 with over one million participants to determine the impact of gender on episodic memory performance.

Their analysis showed an “overall female advantage in episodic memory.”

According to a report, “women appear to be better in remembering speech, where they left an object, and what happened in a movie.”

Women are also more likely to remember faces and sensory images while men are better at recalling abstract information and navigational data.

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“Generally, women perform better when it comes to remembering verbal information, such as words, sentences, texts, and objects, but also the location of objects, and movies,” Prof. Agneta Herlitz, the lead researcher, said in a report.

Herlitz added though that men can better recall abstract images as well as remember their way back from one location to another.

She further disclosed that there is a female advantage on remembering sensory memories, such as odors, tastes, colors.

Researchers, however, said that future studies might explore this avenue to determine “whether, or to what extent, members of the two sexes experience the world in distinct ways.”