Morning exercise helps boost decision-making throughout the day

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  • New study has proven that morning exercise helps older adults to create better decisions for the rest of the day
  • People aged 55-80 years old are encouraged to do at least 30-minute aerobic exercise
  • The study emphasizes on the importance of simple to moderate activities to enhance cognitive skills and maintain good brain health among older adults and even to the younger ones

Regular exercise gives us a lot of benefits. It does not only help us achieve the body shape we are dreaming of but it also has a role in our mental and emotional health.

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For older adults, morning exercise is one of the best ways to maintain good cognitive responses and help them make better decisions throughout the day.

Researchers from the University of Western Australia introduced their study which shows the comparison of the cognitive performances of the people who do morning exercise than those who do not.

The researchers collected data from more than 65 male and female aged 55-80 years old where they have found out the benefits of morning activities among older adults.

According to the researchers, morning exercises allows adults to gain more focus, create better decisions, and improve short-term memory.

Moreover, they also see better brain function for people who exercise in the morning and do three-minute walking break every 30 minutes in a day.

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“With an ageing population which is looking to live healthier for longer, these studies are critical to people enjoying a productive and satisfying quality of life,” said Physical activity researcher Michael Wheeler in a statement.

He added that the study only proves that simple daily routine can have a huge benefit for the people’s brain health and congnitive performance. 

Wheeler also said it may be possible to determine specific types of exercises to enhance cognitive skills such as memory of learning among older adults.