When to throw away stuff inside your bathroom

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  • We tend to keep things in the bathroom without knowing that they should no longer stay there
  • Sometimes we just don’t know when to replace them
  • Experts bared when to replace stuff like loofah, toothpaste, and toothbrush among others

There are a lot of things at home that we tend to keep instead of getting rid of them. Most of these things are the unnoticed, small stuff particularly those placed in the bathroom.

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We keep them because we don’t actually know when to throw them away and maybe because we have lost track of how long they have been there. Now let’s try to check what personal hygiene items in the bathroom we should start getting rid of — and when.


According to a report, it must be changed once a month as fungi can build up between the fibers. Perhaps you need to make notes when you started using such as your scrub helper.


Typically, toothpaste should only be consumed for 12 to 18 months. After that, the same report said, the fluoride will begin to lose its power. So there wouldn’t be much use for it anymore. Once a bar soap is exposed to water, it shouldn’t last for years in the bathroom like how it is when unopened. Experts say if it starts to feel mushy, then it’s time to throw it away as it could cause irritations and infections.


Normally, after three months of regular use, a toothbrush must be replaced or when its bristles have become frayed; making it literally useless. Well, could be used to clean shoes or some hard-to-reach corners of your bathroom perhaps.

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Razor blades

Of course, when a razor blade is already rusty, it must be thrown away. No question about that. However, experts suggest that it must be changed after three to five uses or after every two weeks despite having no signs of heavy rusting.

Acne treatments

Skin care products like this must be taken out based on the expiration date as they may not be effective after that. It can, however, last between three to six months.

There may be other items though that has taken space in your bathroom for too long that you just kept ignoring but have no more use for. Time to review!