Couples who argue are most likely to have a longer relationship, experts say

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  • Experts say arguing with your partner make your relationship last
  • Couples who do not get into arguments have simply stopped caring for each other
  • Fiery arguments have to be complemented with constructive conversation later

Have you ever been engaged in an argument with your partner that you were almost ready to end it all with him or her right then and there?

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Sometimes couples develop the fear of getting into an argument or confrontation because they think that it may lead them to a break up. So, they end up not saying a word; keeping to themselves what they feel. But arguments between couples is actually proven as a positive sign that a relationship would last.

In fact, a clinical psychologist Deborah Grody said in a report that “relationships that can’t be saved are relationships where the flame has completely gone out.”

When couples don’t fight, they have simply stopped caring for each other, she said. But let’s make it clear, it does not also mean that frequent fiery arguments are good. Arguments that are handled constructively are the ones that are good for any relationship.

A study also argued that “sometimes expressing anger might be necessary to resolve a relationship problem.” However, it has to be short-term and complemented with an honest conversation to benefit the relationship in the long run.

How should you turn those arguments into building blocks of the relationship?

Experts suggest that one should step back and determine the source of the c0nflict. It is also recommended to ask first instead of complaining.

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Rather than competing with your partner in throwing hurtful words, one must listen and clarify after as it shows how much you care for your partner and your relationship.

Another way to combat a toxic intense argument with your partner is through scheduling a time to argue.

Yes, it may sound weird, but experts say “having a ceasefire will allow you both to think more clearly.”

It’s as if you’re just asking for a time out to go back to the drawing board and figure things out, a report said. Moreover, it helps to cool down a bit for some time as words spoken ‘in the heat of the moment’ are usually more careless. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, the next time you argue with your partner make sure to not fuel it towards destructi0n but instead argue to strengthen the relationship.