Dogs can feel what their owners are going through, study bares

Image via JMD and Chie Gatuz
  • A study found out that dogs can mirror their owners’ emotions
  • The impact can affect their overall health
  • The study urges owners to be aware of their emotions’ effect to their dogs

If you think you’re all alone with what you’re going through, maybe you’re wrong. Your dog is actually in the same state as you are.

Image via Pixabay

Dogs are, of course, known as man’s best friend.<

Like our human best friends, dogs can actually feel what we feel. Perhaps you’ve noticed that yourself but didn’t really think much about it.

Well, a new study showed that they could even end up mimicking our emotions. 

Did that suprise you as well? So much for being best friends, right?

The study bared that humans can “greatly influence” dogs, especially when humans feel down or exhausted. The attachment, it seems, goes beyond being just a pet and an owner.

In order to determine the link between the pet owner’s emotions and the dogs, the researchers studied 58 dogs and their exclusive female owners.

The owners were asked to answer a questionnaire about their personality traits and their dogs’ traits like excitability, fearfulness, and aggression.

A report said the researchers looked into the “hair concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol in both dogs and their owners as an indicator of stress.”

Then, they found out that the human stress and emotions are synchronized with their pets.

Image via JMD

The study also provided an insight that dogs can and will get stressed out if we do. Hence, avoiding that state might be another way to keep our “best friends” in good shape too. It’s no longer thinking about only of one’s self but your dear pet, too.

The study is also a reminder that dog’s behavior can greatly affect their overall health; adding that separation, fear, and aging could cause them anxiety and stress.

But how would you know if they are feeling that way?

They could be aggressive, barking excessively, panting, pacing, or going to the bathroom.

Image via JMD

There are, of course, treatment for these. However, based on the study, perhaps, you, as the owner, is the best solution. Maybe you can now start being aware of your emotions and how it can affect your dog’s feelings. It might do you good as well!