Foods that we love but are not good for us

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  • These foods are so common that we often forget their effects on our health
  • Comfort foods like french fries, fried chicken, instant noodles are already part of lives that we thought getting rid of them is not necessary
  • Experts say these foods pose serious health risks

We, Filipinos, truly love to eat. There’s no question about that.

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We are so passionate about food that sometimes we tend to not mind if it’s good or bad for us.

Because we believe that we can deprive ourselves with anything but food. However, whether we admit it or not, many of the comfort foods we love are not good for us.

It is so heartbreaking that we need to stop loving our fried chicken, instant noodles, hotdogs, french fries, and softdrinks if we want to maintain our overall health. Just the sight and smell of those seem to be calling us — “come, take a bite, have a drink or two.”

It’s actually no longer a shocker for us to find out that these foods pose risks to our health but sometimes, we just can’t resist its call.

Now, maybe we have to start convincing ourselves (for real) to stop eating these foods. It’s now or never, right? If not today, when?

Let’s begin. Why’s fried chicken or anything that’s deep fried like french fries bad for our health?

According to a Healthline story, which, we have to admit is something we’ve known beforehand, deep fried foods are high in calories and fats.

Deep fried foods are often cooked in processed vegetable oils, which when heated, can produce trans fats. Trans fats are found to be associated with a number of health problems. That’s the omg truth.

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Furthermore, instant noodles are also proven to be unadvisable for our health due to its lack of nutrients — and, without a doubt, are mostly high in sodium and MSG which so many people actually enjoy.

A report noted that most types of instant noodles tend to be low in calories, fiber, and protein which may not support weight loss.

Next, is softdrinks. Sure, a bottle of softdrinks truly seems perfect for almost every meal. However experts warned that it has various adverse impacts on our health.

Its effect can range from increase chances of tooth decay to serious heart risks while regular consumption of sugary soda can lead to weight gain and obesity.

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Lastly, a Filipino breakfast is so incomplete without hotdogs, right?

Perhaps, it’s finally time to reconsider our excessive attachment to this food because like any processed foods, hotdogs are linked to certain health issues such as type 2 diabetes, cardi0vascular risks, and more serious health problems, a report said.