Too heavy for comfort? Find out how much children’s backpack should ideally weigh

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  • Experts say carrying an overly heavy loaded backpack may lead to discomfort and other negative effects to kids
  • The weight of schoolchildren’s backpack must be based on their body weight
  • Researchers found out that a kid’s school bag must weigh about 10 percent of his/her body weight

From trying to finish every homework at night to waking up early in the morning, schoolchildren have pretty much a lot to do during school days.

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Carrying their loaded backpacks is another thing, especially for children who has to travel through public transportation every day. And because carrying heavy bags is already part of every student’s life, parents don’t pay much attention on this little detail.

Maybe it’s high time parents check on their kids backpacks and let them carry the appropriate load in order to avoid negative effects. Yes, heavy bags have adverse effects on their health, but we will get to that later. We have to first determine how much load kids should carry every day.

Researchers, according to a report, calculated how much a child’s backpack should ideally weigh. They found out that like in hiking, a child’s backpack must weigh based on his or her body weight.

When carrying a backpack, a school kid must carry a maximum weight of 10 percent of his or her body weight. However, there is one remedy researchers have suggested in case your children have to carry heavier loads like musical instruments, art projects, among others.

You might want to consider trolley bags for them and like backpacks, trolley bags should also weigh according to your child’s body weight. The trolley bag should be about 20 percent of your child’s total weight.

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Now, why should you take this matter seriously?

Experts say heavy backpacks are linked to, of course, back pain, neck and shoulder discomfort, and fatigue. Imagine your kids having to struggle with keeping up with their studies and pain caused by their bags at the same time; it would be very difficult for them.

As stated in a Healthline story, Dr. Bradley Weinberger, a pediatrician, said carrying an overly-heavy backpack can increase risk of developing neck and back pain due to challenges in posture and movement patterns. It can also cause muscle soreness from the straps and negative effect on balance that can increase risk of falls or injuries.

Experts advise parents to help in reducing the weight of their children’s bags by first, looking for a light backpack, so its weight won’t add up to the weight of it contents.

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Basically, only the essential school supplies must be packed inside the bag. If the kids are provided with lockers in school, parents must encourage their kids to keep some of their things there to lighten their bags.

Experts also advised to use a backpack on wheels or if using a backpack, it must be carried on both shoulders.