Passing gas up to 25 times a day is still considered healthy, study says

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  • People naturally pass gas from the body as part of digestion
  • Breaking the wind or farting between 12-25 times a day is still considered as normal, according to a study
  • Surprisingly, more gas are expelled when people are asleep

Whether it’s secret or not, have you ever tried counting the number of times you expel natural gas from your body in a day?

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You can still be considered as a healthy person even if you fart more often than what you think.

According to a report from GI Society, studies have shown that an average person produces 0.6–1.8 liters of intestinal gas each day.

With this amount of gas contained inside the body, healthy individuals can pass gas between 12-25 times days. So, there’s really no need to worry if you think you are breaking the wind too often.

Previous research has also found that there is no significant difference on the number of times younger and older people pass gas. There is not much difference as well when it comes to gender.

Surprisingly, people also release more gas when they are asleep.

“Farting is a normal process of digestion,” said oncologist Dr. Isaac David Ampil II in his interview with GMA’s program Pinoy MD. He explained that this a way for the body to expend the excessive air released when we digest food.

However, Dr. Ampil clarified that there may be a problem in one’s digestion if individuals pass gas more often that the mentioned number of “healthy” gas release. It may be caused by an individual’s food choices or too much complex carbohydrates.

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If you think you are passing too much gas, you may want to eat less potatoes and kamote and see if anything changes. It is also recommend that you visit a gastroenterologist to proper check your body’s digestion.