A unique exercise amazingly transforms overweight mother and daughter

Image by Cali Jean via Instagram
  • A mother and her daughter tried a unique exercise to lose weight
  • After a year, they have incredibly became fit
  • Since then,they have been leading a healthy and active lifestyle, ditching their old eating habits

If you think you’re already trapped in your own body with an unhealthy eating habit; struggling to be fit and embarrassed with your own weight, maybe you can take the experience of a mother and daughter as an inspiration.

Image by Cali Jean via Instagram

They say the first step to any life-changing decision is the hardest. It was the same for Jaime Allison and Cali Jean Jones, a mother and daughter tandem, who have struggled to take their weight loss journey seriously. However, it only took them one session of an exercise called “jazzercise” — a combination of aerobic exercise and dance fitness available for all ages — to complete a successful weight loss attempt.

The mother and daughter workout buddies shared with Yahoo how their journey to a healthier lifestyle began. They said their journey kicked off when a friend introduced them to jazzercise sometime in January 2016.

Jaime and Cali said they both keep consuming unhealthy foods; causing them to be both overweight. In the long run this made them unhappy and eventually lose their confidence. So when the invitation to do jazzercise came, they willingly tried the unique exercise and just after the first try, Jaime knew she needed to change the way she eats. It was like a wake up call for her.

Jaime, who was then 109 kgs, actually hesitated to continue with the exercise as she was “embarrassed to stand in front of other ladies as overweight as she was.”

“But after that first class, Cali and I were both hooked,” she said. Within a year she managed to lose 40kg and has since been able to maintain her weight at 69 kg, the report said.

Image by Cali Jean via Instagram

Cali, who was then 19 years old, weighed 93kg and after three years of consistently doing jazzercise, she has dropped 43kg. Cali is now a jazzercise instructor. As a mother, Jaime said she had to be an example for Cali saying, “I never told her that she needed to change anything but just tried to be a good example for her.”

Their previous weight, the mother and daughter duo said, had eaten up their confidence but when they started losing weight, they have regained their lost confidence. Indeed, you lose some, you gain some.

Image by Cali Jean via Instagram

“I can honestly say that I feel good in my skin, not perfect but loving the process. I can do things I never thought I could do. Being healthy has saved my life and my daughter’s. Nothing feels better,” Jaime said; expressing that their bond became even stronger in this journey.

Jaime, however, advised everyone who wants to be fit and to lose weight, to take one day at a time and find something that they love to do.

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