Got some issues with your skin? Check these tips to lighten your dark neck problem

Image via Pixabay
  • Body skin darkening may happen as a result of irritation from the clothes you wear, too much sun exposure, or other skin-related condition
  • One of the most common parts of the body which is more difficult to prevent from eventually getting dark in color is our nape
  • There are still possible treatments and simple tips to lighten up this dark skin problem
Image via Pixabay

You may not see this part of your body but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to make efforts to keep your nape clean, healthy, and attractive. More than its physical appearance, it is important that you know the reasons and causes of having a dark back neck.

“The skin is just a manifestation of what’s going on in the body,” said Dr. Jean Marquez in her recent interview for GMA Public Affairs’ program Pinoy MD.

According to her, the skin tends to become dark in color due to several reasons. Irritation from the clothes you wear can be one of them.

Imagine a collar rubbing your nape and those clothing labels and tags that gives your neck an uncomfortable feeling. Itchy, right?

The treatment and tips to lighten your dark nape may depend on its cause: poor hygiene, hyper-pigmentation of the skin, from hormones, weight gain and high insulin levels, scarring, or fungal infection.

You don’t really need to hide from the sun. Just manage and be mindful of your sun exposure in order to avoid getting skin problems. Taking positive skin care may also help reduce the darkening and irritation of the skin at the back of your neck.

Image via Pixabay

Living a healthy lifestyle is also another way to get rid of your dark nape problem. Do not forget to include the back of your neck when washing. Moreover, it is important that you include healthy foods on your dieat like fruits and vegetables that provides nutrition to your body skin.