Healthy lifestyle may reduce the risk of dementia, study says

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  • A new research recommended that living with a healthy lifestyle may help reduce one’s risk of dementia
  • Dementia is a general term for different mental conditions such as memory loss, inability to think properly, and problems in the performance of daily tasks
  • Researchers found that people living a healthy lifestyle have 32 per cent lower risk in developing dementia, compared to those who had followed an unhealthy lifestyle

A new study found out that living a healthy lifestyle may help offset the risk of developing dementia among adults.

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Joint researchers from different universities presented their study at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2019 in Los Angeles to explain how lifestyle can offset the risk of developing this condition.

“This is the first study to analyze the extent to which you may offset your genetic risk of dementia by living a healthy lifestyle,” said Joint lead author Dr Elbieta Ku’ma, at the University of Exeter Medical School in a statement.

She added, “Our findings are exciting as they show that we can take action to try to offset our genetic risk for dementia. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle was associated with a reduced risk of dementia, regardless of the genetic risk.”

Researchers analyzed the data from 196,383 adults of European ancestry aged 60 and older from UK Biobank and identified 1,769 cases of dementia over a follow-up period of eight years.

They have also assessed the genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and lifestyle of their participants based on their self-reported diet.

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According to another joint leader author, Dr David Llewellyn, most people believe that they develop dementia because of their genetics. However, the result of their study opens a new possibility of reducing the risk of this condition if people start to live a healthy lifestyle.