Aside from your reliable liniments, here are simple ways to prevent back discomfort at work

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  • Back discomfort is inevitable especially when working all-day in a desk so most are always equipped with various liniments and oil to relieve the pain
  • However, there are actually simple ways to prevent back discomf0rt by fixing your computer screen, keyboard, among others
  • There is also one vital thing ladies have to start doing in order to prevent back pain

Most survive every working day in the office with the help of various liniments for their recurring back discomforts.

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But aside from being equipped with those kind of pain relievers, there are actually some simple things we can do to eliminate or prevent the occurrence of back discomfort.

Although the best way to confront this problem is by getting yourself checked by an expert, there’s also no harm in trying these simple measures either.

Elevate your computer screen

According to Healthline, in order to avoid bending over your screens, try elevating your computer screens. This way you can keep your head up and improve your posture as bad posture could be linked to back pain.

Keep your keyboard closer to you

Bringing your keyboard or laptop closer to you when typing can prevent you from hunching over and makes you sit up straight; preventing unwanted discomfort on your back. Plus, it feels good being able to rest your back to your chair.

Avoid leaning closer to the screen

When you can’t see something from your screen, it’s better to zoom it in than moving closer for a clearer look. This remedy can prevent back pain and protect your eyes.

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Lighten your load

One of the culprits of back pain is your heavy huge bag. So, it’s advisable to  lighten your load everyday by bringing only important things and maybe leaving some of them on your desk, so you don’t have to carry them every working day. In case you missed it, bringing a heavy bag not only strain your back but can also lead to headaches.

For ladies, ditch your old-ill fitting brassiere

According to an expert, old brassiere is not as effective as it used to be. As it stretch it won’t be able to support you like how it did when it was new and having no support from it can cause back discomfort.