The power of malunggay extract to babies

Image via Pixabay
  • Malunggay or moringa leaves are proven to be highly-nutritious
  • Moms can actually make an extract out of it for their babies everyday
  • It was tried by a mom and the effects were amazing

Are you aware of the power of malunggay?

Image by Ruth Grace Barona via Facebook

Amid all the available vitamins for kids in the market nowadays, malunggay is among the many herbal medicines proven to be effective and even claimed to be even better than the modern vitamins.

Recently, a mom’s experience about malunggay extract was shared on Facebook; narrating how she discovered the power of malunggay and then sticking with it when she noticed its effect to her child. She said because ‘sharing is caring”, she just wanted people to know how it helped her, especially that she is a first-time mom.

Ruth Grace Barona discovered that malunggay extract, which she personally prepares every day, is good for her baby’s immune system as she noticed that her baby’s cough and colds have amazingly stopped when she committed to the extract.

“As a first time mom, lagi ako nagbabasa ng mga blogs at nanonood sa Youtube about the different tips para sa mga nutritious food para kay baby. Luckily, nabasa ko yung about sa malunggay. Before, lagi nagkakasipon baby ko at ubo. Ang dami na nireseta sa kanya na gamot pero ‘di naman nawala ung ubo’t sipon niya, pabalik balik lang,” Barona shared.

“Until nalaman ko yung about this. Kaya kahit gaano kabusy as a teacher, mother, and a wife, pinagtiyatiyagaan ko gawin yung malunggay extract everyday. And it so amazing, ‘di na nagkakaubo at sipon baby ko, kahit anong init at lamig, kahit saan pa kami magpunta ok na ok pa rin siya,” she added.

Image via Pixabay

True enough, according to a report, malunggay or moringa leaves are proven to be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals like protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin, and iron. It is also rich in antioxidants.

The rookie mom also shared how she prepares her baby’s malunggay extract. First, wash the malunggay thrice before getting its extract. You can add a little lemon or calamansi extract to it. She added that it actually does not taste good and babies won’t find it appealing but just like her baby, she assured that, in the long run, they will get used to it.

“Pati yung halak niya nawala na rin. Bumilis din yung pag gain niya ng weight. Actually, mas okay pa ito kaysa sa mga vitamins. Even his Pediatrician noticed the improvement,” Barona said.

She also noted that the malunggay extract must not be stored for a long time, it must be made everyday. “Please do share about the ‘power of malunggay’ para makatulong sa iba. Kahit millennial moms tayo, hindi lahat ng instant okay na, iba pa rin yung pinaghihirapan,” she said.